Brianna F @ Next Canada

It’s been quite the while since I did any creatives - so for the long Family Day weekend, I had booked myself several photo shoots to update my portfolio, experiment, and just have fun! I’m all about having a chill time! I rummaged through the piles of clothes from me and my two younger sisters, that we were going to donate, but before doing so, I thought I’d use some of them for the photo shoots. We collect a lot of vintage clothing so it was fun mixing it with some modern pieces I pulled from friends. :) 

Here’s one of the first photo shoot I did from the long weekend. More to come ! 

Oh and I rented out a lighting kit from Vistek (click to see which lights). 

Muse: Brianna F @ Next Canada
Makeup and Hair by Karen Kim @karenkimbeauty

And of course, here are a few images shot in film. I used my Nikon FM2 and Kodak Portra 400. :) It was the first time I had used film with studio strobes - I got a little nervous so I only did a few but they actually turn out alright! Can you spot the ones that were done with flash? 

Lastly, a polaroid :) 

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